Scripture: ‘God’s Way’ to speak to you

In line with the Bible being one of the key ways God speaks to his children, “God’s Way in Two Words” is an intriguing read.   The Christianity Today piece, written by Tullian Tchividjian (8/29/2013), begins:

“Christians often wish that God would speak the way that he used to speak to his people—audibly, through burning bushes, dreams, and doves descending from the sky.    That way, it would seem so much easier to discern what he is saying.    Today, most Christians agree, the main way God speaks to his people is through the Bible.”

  • Hearing God’s voice was the topic of Hearing Him Availeth Much last month on this blog.   The very first reason I list: The Bible (smile).

The Way, The Truth66 Assurance Way


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