Interviewing: Sell Benefits, not Features

In a great blog post I discovered several years ago, Felix Tarcomnicu asks: “So, how do you sell yourself to land a professional opportunity?” In The Best Ways to Sell Yourself and Get the Job You Want, he offers five suggestions, namely:

  1. Don’t sell features; sell benefits
  2. Be the solution
  3. Communicate nonverbally
  4. Talk about specifics in your resume
  5. Show some passion

I feel Tarcomnicu’s first point is very powerful and often overlooked.

  • When you buy a product at the supermarket, are the benefits -that you’ve personally found using it- more important than the ingredients listed on the label?  Yes, I’d say.  Proven benefits, and commercials promoting promised benefits, are what move products off store shelves.  In interviews, promote your benefits, not your ‘features’.  Regarding his first suggestion (‘Sell benefits’), Tarcomnicu states:

“This is the golden rule in sales, and it’s the same concept when it comes to interviewing.  Yes, you can tell the employer about your impressive GPA, Ivy League education and vast experience in the field.  But expand on that.  Expand on how your education and experience will benefit the employer if they hire you.  What can you do that would make the company better?  What can you do to make the company more money?”


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