P.U.S.H. your way to Victory (Faith)

You can pray for someone else, but you can’t praise for someone else.

When my Pastor calmly uttered these word during the church’s Watch night Service Tuesday night I almost felt out of my seat!   So simple, so true; Dr. Rev. James A. Webster, Pastor of Oak Ridge First Baptist Church, was presiding over his 30th such New Year’s service at the church by the way.

  • Did you ever get knocked to the ground by a ‘quiet feather’?   This quiet statement by my Pastor did that to me.   A forceful statement, in a live gospel performance (by Fred Hammond’s Radical For Christ) ironically had been on my mind for days.    I knew what the spirit wanted me to write about today.

You can P.U.S.H. Your way to a Christian life of Victory in 2014! How?

  • Praise Until Something Happens
  • Pray Until Something Happens

God-trusting Christians who do these two things can be assured of ‘perfect peace’ and many blessings.   As my spiritual father, my Pastor, wisely noted last Tuesday night, you can only praise the Lord for yourself.   If you do, you’ll be spiritually empowered to walk without fainting – and deal with any stormy days in the year ahead.

Midnight hour situations

During the stormy days of your walk in 2014, the words of Fred Hammond’s “We’re Blessed” video (above) will, I hope, keep you encouraged – until the storm ends.    Those words (beg. at the 5:30 minute mark in video), which touch on Ephesians 3:20, are spiritual food for thought.   While delivered less quietly than my Pastor’s sage words, the message is as important.

Spoken fervently by a Woman in Hammond’s group:

Acts Chapter 16 and verse 25. The Bible says:  “Then at midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison doors were shaken . . . and immediately everyone bands were loosed”

All we really want you to know tonight is when you find yourself in a midnight hour and if you haven’t then maybe you will . . . there are two principles that will guarantee your success.

Number one, pray.   Why?  Because the Bible [in James 5] says: “That the prayers of the righteous man availeth much.”   

When you get up off your knees, and you believe that [as stated in Ephesians] He is able to do exceeding abundantly, according to all that you ask of Him, according to the power that’s already working in you, then you lift your hands and give Him praise.   Why?  Because He dwells, He dwells, in the midst of your praise.  Now I’m gonna need some loud mouths and some sanctified hands to life your voice and say:  He dwells in my praise!


Your assurance when you P.U.S.H.

Knowing that the Lord can do ‘immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine’ is very assuring.   Trust him, praise him, and pray. Good things will happen if you do!

  • Praise until something happens
  • Pray until something happens

What will happen?    We have all experienced or witnessed what happens to soul-restored, soaring Eagles that trust the Lord.

To make it real, imagine this:

A young man named Isaiah goes to an ATM.   He requests a withdrawal of $40.00 from his savings.   He gets 2 twenty dollar bills and a receipt.   Then the machine beeps, dispenses $60.00 more, a second receipt (balance is unchanged), & a note, which reads:

Isaiah.   I know you really needed $100.00.   Now you have it.   Keep on being faithful.   Be assured, I’ll never leave you. Signed, Christ.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!    I know he’s done things as extraordinary as the AMT illustration above.

Keep trusting, keep praying, and keep praising.   Remember that God dwells in your praise.    In your prayers, praise him (as only you can) and pray for others as well.   I thank my Pastor and Fred Hammond for inspiring this first post of 2014; I thank you for visiting 66 Assurance Way today.

Grace, mercy, and peace to you in 2014!

Greg Silverthorne


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