Christians: The Only 3 Things You Really Control

By Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a victorious life?    But, do you know what you can control and directly affect?    I believe that there are only 3 things that Christians really control in life.   Only three.   In good times and bad times, wasting time trying to control the uncontrollable is a fool’s errant!   This is especially true if you are neglecting the 3 areas you do control.


The 3 Points of Control for Christians are:

1. Your Personal Relationship with God

2. Your Thinking

3. Your Actions

Each point builds on the one before.   Taking important actions without thinking isn’t a wise way to succeed in life.   Moreover, a Christians thinking should be influenced and shaped by their spiritual values and faith.

Good and Bad Times

If you’re in a good and desirable situation, focus your energies on maintaining your current situation – or achieving your next victory.

  • Do not waste your time or energy on things you have no control over.

On the other hand, if you are facing a bad, undesirable situation, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Did something I control cause it?
  • Is there something I control (faith, thinking or actions) which will allow me to personally improve the situation?

In a nutshell, aim high and control well.   Think and take actions which help you achieve your written aspirations.

Your extra Rock: Watch out Goliath!

Realize that your greatest talents and strength comes from the Most High.   Faithful Christians: Your relationship with the Lord is a powerful point of control which Nonbelievers and Nonchurched Believers simply can’t claim.    It’s your extra ‘rock’ when faced with a ’Goliath’.   Good luck in slaying your big giants – and dealing with routine life tasks; check out our recent Slaying your Giants series.

  • Beware of the occasional work of the Devil.   He hates seeing people who are getting closer to God!  So, don’t be surprised if, as you move down the path of righteousness, you encounter detours, eye-catching distractions, & potholes.   Smile.   These are signs that your relationship with the Greatest Name is good and getting better.
  • Let your faith beget better thinking; let your thinking be the springboard for victorious actions.

Be faithfully focused, hopeful, and seek only to control the controllable.   Thou art with you.   Think, plan, and act like defeat isn’t even an option!   Whether surviving or thriving, be the master of your own destiny.

Photo credit:  mrbill/Flickr CC


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