“He’ll Work It Out” / The Tommies Reunion


  • The Tommie’s Reunion singing “He’ll Work It Out” (Live)

He will work it out.  He’ll work it out!  God will work it out.

  • This choir is phenomenal! I’ve seen a lot of gospel videos in the last nine years . . . this is one of the best.  In their voices and attire, and the powerful words of the song, this well-recorded video gets an A+.  As I listened closely, each time I viewed this video different Bible verses came to mind. When the words of a song make you think about the word of God that’s a good sign I’d say. “He’ll Work It Out” does this extremely well. To God be the glory!
  • Please prayer for those who were in the path of Hurricane Ian.  With family in Florida, I can thank God that my relatives fared fairly well. I called several of my Prayer Buddies Wednesday night. God still answers prayer.  As this song alludes to, ‘I had a situation that I couldn’t fix on my own’ and I turned it over to Jesus. He worked it out. He worked it out.

Greg Silverthorne

P.S.  This is the 700th post published on 66 Assurance Way. God will work it out.  5 words. That is the essence of the invaluable Assurance which faithful Christians enjoy.

66 Assurance Way


31 Bible Verses to Closely Consider (Christian Assurance)

In line with the ninth anniversary of this blog, and in memory of a Proverbs 31 woman (my late mother), I showcased thirty-one Bible verses in the 31 days leading up to the 9th anniversary of this blog last Wednesday.

  • Click on the 31 Scriptures Series at the bottom of this post to see all of the posts in the Anniversary Series.

New Testament scriptures:

Scriptures from the Book of Psalms:

Old Testament scriptures:

To God be the glory!

Greg Silverthorne / 66 Assurance Way

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66 Assurance Way turns 9 today

Today marks the Ninth Anniversary of this blog! This is the 698th post published on 66 Assurance Way.

To mark this milestone, I did a Series over the last 31 days which highlighted 31 scriptures, a few reblogs, and a few gospel videos.

  • A  post providing a summary of all the Scriptures showcased will be published in a few days.  While some are very popular and well known, others are far less so.
  • One of my favorite posts in the last year or so is Forgiveness: Hold Your Peace, Don’t Hold a Grudge.  Forgiving others is not easy, but it’s vitally important for every Christian to do so. Read that post and you’ll understand why.  Rev. Damon P. Williams is masterful.
  • One of my favorite Gospel video posts in the last 3 years or so: I’m All In: Maranda Curtis.
  • This blog’s most recent full post: Overcoming Life’s Trials: Call God, not GEICO. It gets at the way Christians are uniquely empowered. It touches on how this blog, lanched in 2013, came to be a reality too. Assurance is about your relationship with the Lord.
  • Want to hear a great sermon?  Check out a June 2021 post, Forgive and Relate: Relationships Aren’t Easy (video, same Pastor who inspired forgiveness post). It serves as a Part II to the forgiveness post.

I expect to be publishing more frequently on this blog in the year ahead. My return to in-church (i.e. non-Zoom) worship will help fuel by blogging. This pandemic is in it’s ‘ninth inning’ I sense. Like K-12 education, church worship is best when it is face to face, not virtual. It’s no coincidence that the forgiveness post cited above was sparked by an interactive, virtual Bible Study class.

Thanks for reading 66 Assurance Way.  Peace be with you,

Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way, 9/21/2022