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As I note on the About Me page, my ministry leadership experience is with the educational ministry I first envisioned in the Fall of 2009.  I proposed the Dare to Work Ministry as a Career/Employment ministry to my Pastor (Dr. Rev. James A. Webster) in early December 2009.   After Thursday Bible Study a few weeks later he asked me: ‘So what do you plan to call the ministry Bro. Silverthorne?’.   I smiled; I knew what my Pastor’s question meant!   3 days later, from the pulpit, he announced the ministry to the entire congregation.

As Founder/Team Leader of the ministry, I have had the great pleasure of working closely with an Associate Minister at my Central NC church, Rev. Guila B. Cooper.   She referred me to    Thank God she did!


Christian Assurance: 66 Assurance Way

66 Assurance Way, in occasionally addressing Career/Work life issues facing Christians, will tap into TheHighCalling’s site.  As well, of course, I will drawn upon my own educational ministry (Dare to Work, nearly 4 years) and workplace (20+ years) experiences.  By the way, this blog’s Twitter arm has been up and running since mid-Summer.

  • I thank Rev. Cooper for guiding me to – a great online resource for Christians!
  • I thank Pastor Webster, Oak Ridge First Baptist Church, for having the confidence in me to spearhead and guide a new ministry; without it, this blog you’re now reading surely wouldn’t exist!
  • The 1st post drawing on a TheHighCalling piece will be made tomorrow – an intriguing article/post by J.B. Wood on the career mistakes Christians commonly make . . . and can avoid.

Greg Silverthorne


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