J.B. Wood – 5 Career Mistakes Christians Make

  • J.B. Wood wrote and published a fine piece last February that I want to share with you today.   He describes himself as “a full-time executive who likes to write about the joys and challenges of connecting business life with spiritual life.”   The Work and Leadership sections of TheHighCalling.org are, in my opinion, online resources that all working Christians should be aware of.    Wood is the site’s Work editor.
  • This is the 1st Career/Work life article I’ve posted on this blog.

Wood notes in the piece:

“We lose sight of the sacredness of work, the benefits of education, the spiritual value of a career, the impact of our potential influence in the marketplace.”

I agree with all the mistakes he cites.

One that caught my eye, given this blog’s focus (Spiritual Empowerment, Encouragement, & Assurance) is: “Underestimating your own power and potential”.

  • As I shared yesterday, an Associate Minister at my church referred me to TheHighCalling.org.
  • Click link below to read all 5 common mistakes of Christians.   Are you making any of them?
  • Link to today’s featured article –> Feb 2013 J.B Wood post.

Greg Silverthorne


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