He Knows You, He Guides You (Faith)

Who knows you better than the Lord?  The 139th Psalm, the first 14 verses to be exact, offers a poignant answer to this question.   He knows you and sees the best in you.

The Lord knows your every action.  He knows your every thought too.  Having created you, be assured that you are indeed ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. (v. 14)  God don’t make no junk!

  • He has an unsurpassable knowledge of you; sorry Mom, my Heavenly Father knows me better than even you.

Everywhere you can be, the Lord can be too.   He’s by your side!   Being by your side, you can’t hide and ‘flee from his presence’. (v. 7)

As long as you steadfastly trust him, he WILL direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5-6)  Walking with him will allow you to face any and all situations, no matter how big.  Just believe that he is bigger than any tribulation you may encounter.

  • Whatever the situation, he can guide you.  Whatever the trial or storm, be assured that his unchanging ‘right hand will hold you fast’. (v.  10)   Remember this: Even when he doesn’t change the situation, he can still change you in the situation.
  • You are not alone.  God’s by your side!

Oh what a friend you have in Jesus.   He knows you.  He guides you.  He sees the best in you!   Aren’t you glad?  He offers every abiding Christian assurance.

  • “Oh what a blessed assurance.  Oh what a blessed assurance.  Oh what a blessed assurance.” (DFW Mass Choir)
  • The best you can get from the world is insurance.  Sorry State Farm © , I have a good friend that’s better than a ‘good neighbor’!
  • I have goodness and mercy with me ‘all the days of my life’ (Psalm 23:6).  Through my Prayers and Praise, I have access to the keeper of my soul 7/24/365.  No one else can beat that!

Keep letting the Lord, your Shepherd, guide you.

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