Jes suis Clementa… Or not

In the midst of a week that I, as an African American man, will NEVER forget, my fire of hope has been fueled by my Faith . . . and the character reflected by (some) whites in this country who clearly ‘get it’.  In different ways, this blog post and the actions of the white female florist in NC (which led to the racially-violent SC shooter being caught the NEXT morning), give me hope.  If this were 1963, when the black Alabama church was bombed, I frankly can’t see either of these types of actions happening.  We have a long way to go, still, I feel in 2015.  Thanks Allison for your candor and insights!  Peace be with you. Greg in NC.

Allison G. Heinrich

Jes suis Clementa… I could never utter that phrase with even the minimalist sincerity. I will never know what it is like to be black or brown in America. I can only listen, and learn, and amplify voices other than my own.

But what do I know? I know after the terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo the world was awake. Folks engaged social media. They rallied. They marched. We cared. After the terrorist attack at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal black folks (and a tiny amount of allies) engaged social media to tell the truth national news media would not. They grieved. They prayed. We let them down.

Moreover, we actively pushed them down. As Deray says: watch whiteness work.

White people who commit these acts of terrorism, these hate-crimes — especially when they are against people of color or people who are not Christian — are named lone-wolfs, mentally ill, etc. The media narrative…

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