Mother Emanuel

Thanks so much for your thoughts on this sad sad day.  9 people were the victims of a senseless hate crime yesterday in SC.  Let’s pray for the families of ALL those directly affected by one man’s violent actions.

Asha Rajan

©Markus Grossalber

Today, the U.S. woke to the news of a terrorist attack in South Carolina.  A single white man was welcomed into a Bible study and prayer circle at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, an historically black church.  He sat with the other churchgoers for an hour.  Then he deliberately, calculatedly shot those around him because he didn’t like the colour of their skin.

In a place of worship, a place of sanctuary and solace from the everyday battles with racism in large and small ways, nine people were murdered.

As news of this horror broke, my social media feeds quickly filled with outpourings of sadness, anger, and worst of all, resignation.  White people in my feeds cast around desperately, not knowing what to do, how to help, feeling sick and heartsore.  PoC in my feeds got angry.  Then they all became the bullhorns that projected the voices of black friends…

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