Acknowledge, Abide, and be Assured (1st)

What is Christian Assurance?   There are I feel 9 Pillars of such assurance.

  • Three of them serve as Assurance 101; they lay the foundation for your Walk.
  • The other 6 are what I call Kingdom Keys; as you seek the Kingdom, activating these will allow you to stay on the Path!

Peace be with you.

66 Assurance Way

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,

and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6: 33 NIV

This Christian Assurance Series will now focus on Pillars that I call the Kingdom Keys.   As noted in the last post, neglecting to use one’s Kingdom Keys (i.e. 6 Pillars left in this Series) makes it hard to step through the Gates of Assurance.   The Pillar covered in today and Monday’s posts cover the 2 keys a Christian needs, I feel, to Get through the Gates.   The remaining four will be needed to Stay in the Kingdom.

The Way, The TruthThe themes for the Scripture for this 1st Pillar:

  • Acknowledge and Trust Him
  • Abide in the True Vine
  • God: A Gracious Giver
  • My Cup Runneth Over

Acknowledge and Abide

In one of the most powerful sentences in Proverbs, scripture tells us:

Trust in the…

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