‘When Sunday Comes’ (Part 2, Holy Week)

In the days leading up to Easter, I will be: Sharing Christ’s own words, sharing Posts (from 5 other Bloggers), & offering ten Christian Affirmations.

  • Since last Monday, I’ve reblogged the posts of five of my fellow Bloggers in Christ:
  • By the way, Gertrude and Beejai are two of the earliest followers of this blog (Fall 2013).  They, and the other three bloggers I showcased this week, have great gifts from the Lord . . . which are very evident in the power of their online presence.   I do not take them for granted.  God bless all 5 bloggers in Christ I shared on this blog this week.

  • Beginning tomorrow, 2 posts capturing scripture (Jesus Christ’s words) will be published.
  • A post featuring 10 Habits of Truly-Renewed Christians, Part 2 of My Brethren, Christianity is a Verb, will be published on April 4th.

  •  The Gospel video that led this post – “When Sunday Comes” – is one of my favorites!  It captures beautifully the Hope in Christ – His Resurrection and His presence in the lives of those who accept him as their Personal Savior.  Daryl Coley, the lead singer, has an extraordinary gift . . . in his singing voice.
  • Be it singing, blogging, preaching, teaching Bible Study, etc, God loves when we share gifts he put in us with others.  ‘Stir up the gift’ (post) in You!

 Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way


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