Christ: From Palm Sunday to Easter & Beyond

4038068132_e652ba8e18_z_JWorster_HeartofWORSHIPAs I sought to get a clearer sense of the days leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus, and after he rose again on Easter, I found 2 very insightful resources I wanted to share.  In wondering what the first words of Christ were, after he rose from the tomb, I needed to refer to the two resources below to get a clear answer.

  • Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday, runs through Easter.
  • If you need a Crash Course on the Holy Week, and week or so that follow Easter Sunday, these two resources will be very helpful.

 Bible Gateway

“Palm Sunday . . .  is the start of what is often called “Holy Week”.

“The account of Holy Week makes for a very exciting read—partly because of the spiritual importance behind its key events, but also because it’s simply a powerful, emotional story.   As Holy Week unfolds, a large cast of characters play out a drama that touches on every extreme of human emotion: joy, hope, fear, betrayal, pain, and grief—and then back to joy with its incredible conclusion on Easter Sunday .  .  .  But the story’s depth makes it somewhat complex“.

A great chart (infographic) is provided with the article to help explain the complex, but profound story surrounding these two weeks.  What book (s) and specific verses cover each event on Timeline is a very helpful way to see what occurred; on some, 5 different Books offer a perspective of a given event.   For example, the Last Supper and the actual Crucifixion can be found in five and four Books of the Bible, respectively.

  • The chart was used in a Newsweek Special Issue of Jesus.  Even a Theologian, which I’m not (smile), will find the chart a useful way to understand the extraordinary events of that time!

Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

Photo Credit: Jerry Worster/flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)


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