‘You are with me Jesus’ (Assurance)

TMcGhee_705 May. 24 09.25For Yea though I walk (Choir: You’re Amazing)
through the Valley of the Shadow (You’re Amazing)
of Death, I fear no evil (You’re Amazing)
for You are with me Jesus (You’re Amazing)
your rod and your staff (You’re Amazing)
they comfort me Jesus (You’re Amazing)
You prepare a table (You’re Amazing)
right in front of my enemies (You’re Amazing)
Now that’s amazing! (You’re Amazing)
We say You’re amazing (You’re Amazing)
We say You’re amazing (You’re Amazing)

  • This part of “Amazing” was clearly inspired by the 23rd Chapter of the Book of Psalm.
  • The Gospel song, from Ricky Dillard’ and New G (with Tiffany McGhee leading), is spirited and uplifting.  Earlier posts on this blog (post) (post) capture the words and end-of-performance singing of this ‘joyful noise’ from Ricky, Tiffany, and crew.  In five simple words Assurance is expressed: You are with me Jesus.
  • The live video (YouTube) is spiritually-inspiring, capturing both the singers and the audience.  Visually experiencing the reactions of those at the 2014 Stellar Awards Show adds an extra dimension to the video.

 You are with me Jesus,
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me Jesus”.

  • When you know you are NOT alone, that’s a reassuring thought right?
  • When you know that his Rod allows him to protect you, who’s gonna mess with you?

  Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

Photo Credit:  Tiffany McGhee, Singing a song she wrote, “Amazing”, at the 2014 Stellar Awards Show – YouTube video, WETHEBLESSEDtv.


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