Your Christian Worklife in 2015 (Blog posts)

Need a Crash Course on INTERVIEWING?  Check out the Successful Interviewing post published yesterday – based on 2 phenomenal Workshops (I attended) & an insightful post.   What is the Formula for Career Success? (Check out the Career page to find out).   Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday a career-related post will be published on this blog.  Grace, mercy, and peace.  Greg S.

66 Assurance Way

Sunset with Cross

  • Will 66 Assurance Way continue posting on Career and workplace issues?

Yes.  Being a Career Champion in today’s economy typically involves more than just working hard and praying hard.  Working smart, planning wisely, and keeping the Lord in your ‘work walk’ will position you to be more victorious in 2015 – and beyond.

  • I intend to offer posts on Worklife, Career, and Job-related issues on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month beg. in February.
  • Posts dealing with Spiritual encouragement, Christian empowerment, and Gospel music will continue to be the core of what’s posted on this blog in the New Year.  However, in that most Christians need to work for a living, my focusing just on the God, Scriptural, & Church aspects of Christian life seems too narrow a focus.  It is through our jobs that we support ourselves, our families, and our churches.
  • The Your Next Triumph: Just…

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