God’s ‘No Limit’ Power and Your Needs

Stand still and know, that God is God.

Activate your faith, and give Him the praise!

No limit, To the power of God.

For He’s sovereign, Above all the world.

No limit, to His love for us.

No limit, to His power!

  • The West Angeles COGIC Mass Choir
    • “No Limit”
      • Lyrics for this Gospel song have been excerpted above and below.    If this song doesn’t encourage you spiritually, nothing will!   Anointed Gospel songwriters (at their best) can, I feel, serve as Modern Day Davids.    The entire book of Psalm -in the Holy Bible- exalts God with some of the finest words ever written.
  • The snippets from song’s lyrics -provided in this post- are poignant points of Encouragement!    Surely there’s ‘no limit’ to His love for us OR His power!   

 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

(Matthew 19:26 NKJV)

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Is there any limit to my power?    Now you will see whether or not my word comes true!”  

(Numbers 11:23 NLT)

Is there anything too hard, too hard for God? (Scripture, Pillars)

  • Scripture clearly tells us the answer is No.
    • Jesus talking to his disciples (Matt 19:26)
    • Jesus speaking to Abraham about his promise that Sarah, advanced in age, would bear a child (Genesis 18:14).
  • The Mass Choir’s “No Limit” song beautifully answers this critical question for all Christians . . . with 2 simple words: No Limit.   There’s no limit to God’s Power.   He can do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20 NIV).   He’s sovereign (2nd Pillar) and merciful (Psalm 136).    As the song says there is ‘no limit to his love for us.’
  • Whatever you need (Phil 4:19) (Matt 6:32-33), he can provide for you . . . because, as the song states:

“nothing’s too hard, too hard for God”

If he can give two Golden Agers (Abraham and Sarah) a baby, be assured he can give you things BEYOND your wildest imagination!    Just ‘activate your Faith and give God the Praise’!    Whatever he’s promised you shall be delivered.

Stand still and know, that God is God.

Activate your faith, and give Him the praise!

In this season of Lent, this Devotion will hopefully encourage you to Praise continually, keep the faith, and ‘stand still’ – until the blessing with your name on it arrives.  To God be the Glory!

 Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way


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