March 7th, 2015: Why Selma Matters

If LOVE, the ‘greatest commandment’ the Bible tells us, were embraced universally, the inequalities, hate-fueled indignities, and/or disrespect which American Blacks still must deal with at times would NOT exist.  They do.  As the saying goes, those who don’t know their history (like the events surrounding this anniversary) are doomed to repeat it.  While much has changed in the last 50 years since the March at Selma (Bloody Sunday), much still needs to change.

As this post states: “We have made some great strides . . . African-Americans now hold important positions in government – including the office of The President of the United States . . . Blacks, Latinos and other people of color have reached prominent roles of leadership in civic organizations, corporations and local government.

But money and/or power don’t always translate into respect…or equality.

Because here and now in 2015, the fight continues. Gender, racial,…you name it. We still don’t look at each other as equals. The fact we are still arguing over, debating about and legislating voting rights indicates we have not traveled as far across the bridge as we would hope”.  While I’ve not seen the movie Selma yet, I’ve heard it’s worth seeing. Thanks for your thoughts on this milestone and movie CLIC.


Photo Credit: Yahoo Photo Credit: Yahoo

Recently, there was a lot of discussion about the importance of Selma – the movie.  It is significant for several reasons.  It was first, and foremost, a cinematic depiction of a time in American history.  A time during the civil rights movement.  A time when people with my skin tone were referred to as Negro or Colored.  A time when people who look like me were fighting for the right to vote.  It was a fight to be considered as equals.

The movie was also notable for the film’s director.  When Lee Daniels (director of Oscar nominated film Precious and creator of the TV show Empire) was unable to fulfill his selection as director of Selma, a woman’s name came up.  Ava Duvernay had directed a couple of independent films and had recently received good reviews for directing an episode of the hit TV show

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