The Ins and Outs of Christian Living (Philippians 2:12–18)

“Your living ‘what PAUL wrote’” is the 4th (of 6) Potent Pillars of ‘Real’ Christian Living I explored earlier this week . . . showcasing 2 other posts from your great blog Joe.   As you write in this post: We must believe God’s promises are true and they are going to work in our lives just as they worked in Paul’s life.  God works in us through the Word, prayer, and suffering; and we work out in daily living and service.  God fulfills His purposes in us as we receive and believe His Word“.  This fine post supports the ‘live what PAUL wrote’ Real Christian Living Pillar so wonderfully!   Thanks Joe.  God’s Promises . . . they do indeed work!   Just trust and believe.  Greg

Joe Quatrone, Jr.

Working-Out-Your-Salvation“Few things are harder to put up with,” wrote Mark Twain, “than the annoyance of a good example.” Perhaps the thing most annoying about a good example is its inability to accomplish the same achievements in our own lives. Admiration for a great person can inspire us, but it cannot enable us. Unless the person can enter into our own lives and share his skills, we cannot attain to his heights of accomplishment. It takes more than an example on the outside; it takes power on the inside.

In our previous study of Philippians, Paul has just presented Jesus Christ as our Great Example in the exercise of the submissive mind. We read it and agree with it, but how do we go about practicing it? How could any mortal man ever hope to achieve what Jesus Christ achieved? It seems almost presumptuous to even try! Here we are, trying…

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