Which Path Are You On?

For Christians, the ANSWER to the Question deborah ann sets forth, in the title of this poem (which I love!) should be easy.   The 5th Pillar of Christian Assurance is choosing the Right, Righteous Path.   Spiritual Empowerment (the 3rd Pillar) is the ability to STAY on the Lord’s Path of Holiness – and not ‘sight walk’.   Jesus is the Reason for the Season.   It is in him that ‘we live, move, and have our being’! (Acts 17:28)   Merry Christmas to all my Christian brethren.  Greg S.

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Road to Holiness by Luis Toro free photo 5622

There are many roads,
that are ahead of us
most will lead to doubt
some will lead to trust.

There are plenty of paths,
that we can choose to take
some will lead to heaven
most hold hell, as our fate.

They are countless avenues,
that we will come upon
most will bring us down
some will keep us pressing on.

There are many intersections,
that we will come across
some will lead straight to Jesus
most lead away from the cross.

There are many freeways,
each day to travel on . . .
but, there is only one highway
that will take us to God’s Son!


Isaiah 35:8
King James Version

” And an highway shall be there,
and a way, and it shall be called
The way of holiness;
the unclean shall not pass over it;
but it shall be for those:
the wayfaring men, though fools,

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