Ask, Seek, Knock, & Win! (Russell Wilson)

iStock_000027630618Medium_manstretchingNYCYour Next Triumph Series – The quarterback for the reigning NFL Champions (2014), the Seattle Seahawks, is a Proud Christian!   Russell Wilson has two-sport skills (Football and Baseball) which help make him a distinctly-smart Professional Athlete.   He’s known for his on-the-field Poise.  In a year when more than a few NFL Players have exhibited questionable or bad behavior off the field, it’s refreshing to have a Christian man who’s on the Lord’s Battlefield!   While Wilson was picked in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft, not the 1st round (as Robert Griffin III & Andrew Luck were), someone forgot to tell him to not excel so quickly! (smile)

  • His words of wisdom, including a Biblical verse from Matthew that I love, are heartfelt.   Guess what?  They’re good advice even if you’re not a Professional Football Player! (smile).

In a piece done by CBS Seattle (link), Wilson describes how he found God at the age of 14.

“I had a dream that my dad passed away and that Jesus came into the room and he was basically knocking on my door, saying, ‘Hey, you need to find out more about me,’” Wilson said.    “So that Sunday morning I ended up going to church and that’s when I got saved.”

The star quarterback thanks God for the talent God has given him.   “No one can stop what God has for you,” Wilson said.

For those who abide in Christ and follow the three P’s, your next triumph WILL be just a step away.

  • The three P’s: “Always Persevere, always have a great Perspective, and always have great Purpose in your life”. (Russell Wilson, who celebrated his 26th Birthday yesterday by the way)
  • God is good (#Godisgood)
  • Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 NKJV)
  • Gospel for the Ride:  “Champion” / Darwin Hobbs (Audio, 2010)
    • “A Champion lives within me.  He’s given me Authority”.

  1. Do you Persevere, or are you quick to Quit?
  2. Do you have the right Perspective to achieve a triumphal outcome?
  3. Do you live a life of Purpose?
  • A career which lacks Perspective and Purpose will surely not inspire you to Persevere until you’ve triumphed.  Remember Russell’s 3 P’s.  Remember and meditate on the ‘door-opening’ words from the 7th verse of the 7th Chapter of the book of Matthew: Ask, Seek, and Knock.   If you keep both these in mind you’ll Win and be a Champion.   Russell Wilson did it.  You can too!    To God be the Glory.

Greg Silverthorne

@66AssuranceWay (Twitter)

Photo Credit: iStock


2 thoughts on “Ask, Seek, Knock, & Win! (Russell Wilson)

  1. The 2nd best selling player NFL jerseys, from April 1 to October 31, 2014 on, was Russell Wilson’s jersey. Given his faith, having the number 3 (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) is fitting! GS


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