Crystal McDowell: Being Grateful (7 Scriptures)

John14Crystal McDowell, in Top 7 Bible Verses About Being Grateful, states:

It’s a gift from God for us to be grateful because it’s impossible to be discontented and thankful at the same time. There are so many people in the world today who enjoy His sunshine or rain, His provision of food, clothing, and shelter—and they never stop to thank Him.

  • She offers Scripture which highlights 7 Gratefulness themes.

McDowell states that, as Christians, We Are Grateful:

  • For God’s love
  • In every situation
  • For the ability to do good works
  • For God’s gifts given through His people
  • For God’s deliverance over our lives
  • For God’s miraculous hand over our lives
  • In prayers and petitions

  • Check out McDowell’s timely post (link) – to see the Bible verses for each of these themes.
  • What are you grateful for as we approach Thanksgiving?   Happy Thanksgiving from 66 Assurance Way!

 Greg Silverthorne, 11/25/14


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