Faith in Action: 4 Christian Stories (Final thoughts)

3228415990_30e954dd17_bTo illustrate how adversity and painful moments can be overcome, the lives of four Christians were showcased.    Their faith and praise, given the circumstances, is impressive.  Those individuals, and links to the posts highlighting their story, are:

  • Sybrina Fulton (post, Oct. 23)Mother of Trayvon Martin (Shot in FL, 2012).
  • Marvin Sapp (post, Oct. 16) – 2010 death of wife, MaLinda.
  • Jimmy Greene (post, Oct. 15) – Father of a 6-year old girl, killed in 2012 Connecticut elementary school shooting.
  • Joe Quatrone, Jr.  (post, Oct. 14)Survivor of a serious car accident.

Being spiritual and sanctified when things are going splendidly is, relatively, simple!   Losing one’s child, or young wife to cancer, is an awful affliction.  While none of these Christians sought the situation, all ‘answered the call’ nonetheless.   All accepted the Mission which was thrust upon them!   As Marvin Sapp (post) says in his heart-felt song: “Experience lost, at a major cost, But I never lost faith in you”.   All four of these afflicted, abiding Christians demonstrate faith in action.  

  • What do you think you’d do if you were faced with the same situation they faced? 

To be candid, I am not sure how I’d respond; however, I hope I’d respond as faithfully as they did!   Sapp, Fulton, and Greene still have faith in God.  Quatrone’s near-death experience, as a young boy, was the beginning of a life of Christian service and ministry, not the end.  Again, all accepted the unsolicited Mission.  Their faith stood the test, it didn’t wither and vanish.

  • Miss the first Your Stories post?  Check it out here ——-> (Link)

In conclusion, I hope you never have to face such a storm in your life.   If you do, I hope you’d be a profile of faith in action too.  The two parents, teenage boy (now Pastor/Blogger), and anointed gospel musician explored, in the Faith in Action posts (4-part) since Columbus Day, didn’t let an extraordinary tribulation shake their trust in the Lord.   To God be the Glory!

 Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

Photo credit: Shane Gorski/flickr (CC)


2 thoughts on “Faith in Action: 4 Christian Stories (Final thoughts)

    • You are welcome Joe! This series, which has been in my ‘mental crock pot’ for about 7 months, has been a joy to write. YOUR own testimony served to help me viscerally ‘feel’ the Gospel song’s opening verse in March. Greg P.S. The Worship phase of Series is ‘cooking’ now. Grace, mercy, and peace to you!


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