Christians: A Career or a Calling?

What is my purpose?A great online article from The High Calling, by Bradley Moore, should help you answer the question posed in title.     “Do You Have a Job, a Career, or a Calling?” is a brief, but very informative Career post which can help any Christian know what they have.    If you aren’t happy with the level you find yourself at now, you might need to seek a higher level of employment – to find that happiness and greater purpose.

How does a Career differ from a Calling?    

In his post, drawing on an insightful Harvard Business Review article, Moore answers this question as follows: Bill Barnett, in his Harvard Business Blog post, “Make Your Job More Meaningful,”  distinguishes between the consequences of our attitudes towards work as a job, career, or calling.   People with a “jobs” mindset, he says, are working just for the money, and generally find little meaning in what they do – similar to my dishwasher stint.

 Those who are careerists focus more on the advancements and prestige of their work.   Their level of job satisfaction tends to revolve around their perception of whether or not they are getting ahead at the pace they expect.

“But people with callings are different,” Barnett continues.   “They see their work as a positive end in itself.    They feel good about what they’re doing.    They give more to their work.    They get more from it.”

After graduate school, Moore states:   “I was proud to be a professional, and thus began my track towards a true career. I leveraged the experience gained at that job to get the next one, continued honing my strengths and skills, and for the next two decades focused on promotions and advancement.” [Emphasis added]

However, Moore would then get the  ‘Calling, not Career yearning’ which many career professionals get during their work lives eventually.   Moore candidly states:

“As I matured and became more concerned about God’s purpose for my career, I considered that it might be more than just all about me.    Perhaps the emphasis of my work could involve helping others, rather than self-seeking promotions.    This led to a much more integrated and fulfilling view of my employment.” [Emphasis added]


  • While purpose can be found in all work, the nature of that purpose can evolve.   In a typical life, one may work in any or all of the three types of work cited above.   If you regularly find your work to be unrewarding, you might be at a lower level than desired . . . by you or God.   Seeking a Career (if in a job) or pursuing a more purposeful, fulfilling ‘Calling’ (if you’re a Career Pro) might be in order.
  • Please keep your Christians values in mind as you plan and move to a higher level.  If you do, you’ll surely be more-than-a-conqueror!
  • Some like Bradley Moore have successful careers, but seek work which they’re ‘called to’ later in life.    His 2012 post addresses the nature of having a calling.   Do you have a Job, Career, or Calling?

 Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

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