Our Stories, Our Praise, Our Worship (Series)

Blogger’s note (9/29/14): As I was working on the first piece for this Series, I realized I needed to visit the issue of Longform (Longreads) posts.   My ideas for first post were frankly too long to fit in a single post.   To shorten my Post Vision just to fit into a single post felt wrong; a multiple-part approach didn’t feel quite right either.   By the way, the 2nd post presented the same dilemma (smile).    I am researching my options . . . so as to do justice to what the Spirit has sent me.   Stay tuned and have a blessed, more-than-a-conqueror week!    Greg, 66 Assurance Way

66 Assurance Way

You don’t know my Story, all the things that I’ve been through; You can’t feel my Pain, what I had to go through to get here, You’ll never understand my Praise, don’t try to figure it out; Because my Worship is for real.

  • Bishop Larry D. Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choir,

“My Worship is for Real” (Gospel audio), written by VaShawn Mitchell.

I heard this awesome song on the radio here in Greensboro NC, last Spring, while driving in my car.

The following weekend I witnessed the song serving as music for a spirited liturgical dance team performance.   The response, of those in the sanctuary of a local Missionary Baptist church that Sunday afternoon, was strong and emotional.  

Earlier that same weekend, I read the testimony (story) of one of my fellow Christian bloggers.   It was a story (which I’ll share with you…

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