A Look at Church Leadership (Part 2)

SCRIPTURE to Ponder for Church Leadership, in a nutshell:

  1. Philippians 4:13
  2. Galatians 5:22-23
  3. John 10
  4. Luke 10: 5-11
  5. Act 20.
  • While the Luke and Acts where cited in original post, the three scriptures, for post on which 3 Pillars of Pastor Effectiveness post was based, were not stated.    To God be the Glory.

Greg S., 66 Assurance Way, 9/27/14

66 Assurance Way


In the first part of this Your Next Triumph: A Look at Leadership post, avoiding ‘temptations’ and the traits of ‘high potential’ leaders (or future managers) were addressed.  That post dealt with all types of leaders.   In this post, the last part of this 2-part look at leadership, I focus specifically on Church Leadership. If you are a church leader, Pastor, or Minister, this post will give you some sense of what I, and two Pastors, feel separates effectual Church Leaders from ineffectual Church Leaders.   Great Pastors, like Dan Reed and my Pastor, are vital to the walk of those they minister to.

  • In tribute to the 30th Anniversary of my Missionary Baptist Pastor (James A. Webster, shown in the picture above), I wrote a post (link) that offered three Pillars of Pastor Effectiveness.    My Pastor (at podium in photo) was chosen to do…

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