What defines You as a Person? (Christians)

In writing about how his own father responded to losing his job, when he was 17 years old, Dustin McKissen wrote in If You Lose your Job, Remember This:

if you lose your job, don’t lose yourself.   The best parts of you, the parts that will be remembered, usually have nothing to do with your job.   You should give your job your best, but don’t make the best part of you your job.” [Emphasis added]

Are you tying your whole identify, your personal worth, to a single job?    You shouldn’t!  God surely doesn’t judge you solely my your behavior and performance when at work.   God sees the best in you.   You should see the best in you too!    Work is just one dimension of the life of a Christian who hasn’t retired.

  • Give your Real Boss (God) and work Boss (when employed) your best, but remember, if not for God simply waking you up every weekday, you wouldn’t even be able to go to work!    Moreover, your talents, traits, and job-related expertise are a function, in part, of who God has allowed you to become.   You are unique and one of a kind!   While a pink slip is rarely good news, trust that your Real Boss has something better for you down the road.   Giving him your best should be your top priority in life.
  • As Dan King noted (recent post on this blog), ‘You are amazing no matter what’!

To put it simply, no job, even a truly great one, should be ‘all you are’. A Christian’s priorities should be, in order: God, Family, and Church.   While most of us need to work to support our Families (financially) and Church (tithes and offering), that job itself isn’t MORE important than your other LIFE ROLES, including:

  1. Being a child of God and ‘waiting on the Lord’
  2. Your overall support of your Family (in non-financial ways)
  3. Those volunteer roles you fulfill in the Church you belong to and the Community you reside in.

When all is said and gone, when you die to be blunt, these Life Roles are what will define most Christians – not a specific job they held.    Trust me; I’ve been to enough funerals in my life.   Your legacy, and path to Heaven, will lie more in the life you lived after work, not just your resume! God sees the best in you.   You should see the best in you too!    Grace, mercy, and peace.

Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

  • Full post on Achieving Career Triumph (link)
  • Video is Marvin Sapp’s “The Best in Me” (Gospel)


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