And Still I Blog

Sunset with Cross I wasn’t sure where starting this blog would lead me.   Exactly 1 year ago today I posted my first post!   I began blogging here at 66 Assurance Way on September 21. 2013.    It’s been an amazing experience unlike any other in my life!

Many of the stories I’d envisioned sharing I haven’t . . . yet.    Some of the things I had planned to do remain undone; I’ll self-host the blog eventually.   And still I blog.

I greatly appreciate the support I’ve gotten for what I’ve done in the last 365 days.   By the way, the Pinterest pins (link) of 66 Assurance Way get as many monthly ‘views’ now as this blog does.   I’m also on Twitter (link).    I am greatly HUMBLED that this blog has received over 9,500 views in it’s first year.    I’d have been quite content, frankly, with half that level of traffic!   The blog’s Gospel music posts generate more than half the blog’s traffic.  Those dealing with Spiritual Encouragement, Worklife (Career) issues, and Scripture garner most of the likes.   In my mind as a Christian blogger, my ‘fire’ flows from both musical and non-musical ‘sparks’.   I let the spirit of the moment rule.   I’m not a theologian, Minister, or Deacon!    I just speak what the Holy spirit speaks to my heart.   And still I blog.

What’s next?   In the year ahead, I plan to post on Career/Worklife issues more regularly.  Just as the Lord moves me to post on God-exalting Gospel music, videos, and lyrics, he wants me to also share some of what I’ve seen (and come to believe) about this thing we call Work – to help you and others be victorious and survive workplace upheaval.    This is based in my Dare to Work ministry work (4+ years) and workplace insight, as a 53-year old career professional who’s ‘seen it all’ (smile).   Having shared a painful story (about my own unemployment) a while ago, I will share (during the upcoming Series) one of my stories of JOY soon.    The tentative title is ‘Why I Sing’.  It’s the story of how I came to join the Gospel Choir at my church; it’s one that has God’s fingerprints all over it!   And still I blog.

Again, THANKS for visiting and following (117 and counting) this blog.    I appreciate every 66AssuranceWay bloggerLike, Comment, and View!     I welcome your feedback.   The aforementioned Spiritual Series (Our Stories, Our Praise, Our Worship) will be launched later today; it’s been in my ‘crock pot’ since mid-Spring.   I tip my hat to the late Maya Angelou, who passed away this year – and inspired the title of this one-year Anniversary blog.   And still I blog!

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to You.

Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way, 9/21/14

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