Your Next Triumph: Just a Step Away (Future posts)

  • Due to my Summer break, I didn’t have time to do this Series fully.   Since I returned from my break, I’ve decided to make Your Next Triumph a twice-a-month offering (until at least the end of 2014).
  • On 10th, 20th, and last day of each month will be a Career/Worklife post; at least 2 will be part of the Series – begun earlier in Summer.   Grace, mercy, & peace.   Greg

66 Assurance Way

iStock_000027630618Medium_manstretchingNYCFuture posts in this once-a-week series (returning on Aug 28th) will cover:

  • Leadership and Management (A Christian perspective)
  • Job Hunting (a Christ-based approach for Job Changers & Seekers . . . developed in the ministry I spearheaded 4 years ago)
  • The Unemployment Dilemma in the US (up close and personal)
  • Career Planning (for those destined to be ‘more than conquerors’)
  • Managing your Career (for your next Triumph) 
  • Workplace Trends you Need to Know

 Already covered:

 Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way

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