Dealing with Disappointment

It’s surely wise to deal calmly with life’s Disappointments, because God’s “No” is often really a “Not Yet”.  This post makes the point very well I feel. Dr. Rev. King’s “How Long, Not Long” speech comes to mind too.   Put another way, Deferment often means Delay not Denial.   So, the next time you’re disappointed, it may be a ‘blessing’ to Cheer – not a setback to Cry about!   Thanks for sharing Gertrude!   Grace and Peace, Greg.

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The cartoon above depicts a conversation with a moviepatron who wants to buy a ticket to see the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” However, when the patron got to the ticket booth, the tickets were sold out! This patron must have been disappointed, as he replied, “But I have to see it now!!!” Everyone should have heard what had happened during the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” in Aurora, Colorado on Friday, July 20, 2012. The movie turned into a reality of horror when a gunman invaded the theater, and started shooting the patrons. So, although this patron in the cartoon was disappointed by not being able to get a ticket to see this movie, he must have been so happy that he was disappointed after learning about the horror that took place at the movie theater that same day.

Have you been denied something, or been…

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