Knowing God

Great post.   As Joe notes, in expressing one of the reasons it’s good to know God: “God’s love for us assures us He is always looking out for our best“.   TY for sharing Pastor Joe! Grace, Mercy, & Peace to You.  Greg S.

Joe Quatrone, Jr.

knowing_godPreviously, we looked at The Doctrine of God and examined 10 Attributes of God, which are revealed to us in Scripture. In today’s message, we will consider what impact these truths have on our lives.

What difference does it make? It makes all the difference in the world; not only in this world, but in the world to come. Unlike the pagans of old, we are not left to our own imagination as to what God is like, what He demands from us, and who He is. Graciously and lovingly, in keeping with His character, God has revealed Himself to us. He wants us to know Him, love Him, be in fellowship with Him, serve Him, and bring Him glory through our lives.

Knowing God gives us purpose. It adds reason and rational to our lives. It tells us there is a God in heaven, seated on His throne…

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