Dare to Feed your Faith and Starve your Fears (Part 1)

82834289_25db4ef0d4_z_LightCross_davekingIdeally, a Christ-abiding worker is aware in the three ways covered in this weekly Worklife series; that is awareness of your self, your situation, & your spirituality (Click the Your Next Triumph tag at bottom to see prior Series posts).   If you’re aware in all 3 areas, you should be poised to accept this challenge.

This two-part Dare is simple.   It’s based on 2 general principles:

  1. Activate and FEED YOUR FAITH
  2. Acknowledge and STARVE YOUR FEARS

Please don’t let your fears keep you from being triumphant in your career walk.   If you are starving your Faith, and feeding your Fears, it’s real hard to do more than simply survive.   Starve your fears, not your faith.

  • Scripture tells us (2 Timothy 1:7) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline“. (NLT)

Four Faith Questions which, if you accept this Dare, need to be answered:

1 – Does my true joy cometh from my faith or my employment? 

  • It’s great to have a good job . . . or to have a job that you love (not loathe).
  • However, be very careful about defining yourself SOLELY by your 9 -5 job.
  • Also, be careful about letting your relationships with your Family and God suffer because of your work.    Please keep your ‘job joy’ and your ‘Jesus joy’ in the proper perspective.

 2 – In your major career decisions, is your spiritual faith a key factor? 

  • In your plans and on-the-job conduct, your faith should not be a tertiary afterthought.
  • So, if next Tuesday afternoon a co-worker says something to you that makes you wanna holler, think: ”What would Jesus do?”
  • Include prayer, group Bible Study, & studying the word of God in your routine.  Guess what?  God has a blessing with your name on it.

 3 – Am I a Focused Champion or a No-vision, No-plan Drifter? 

  • But Greg, isn’t faith alone enough?   In a word, no.   Faith and focus work together; doing only one is a fool’s errant!
  • Roll up your sleeves.    Drifting, and being paralyzed by procrastination or fear-based inertia, isn’t the way to get the victory YOU deserve.
  • If you want to advance your career, or get a job, steadfast focus is required.

 4 – Am I feeding any victory-blocking FEARS?

  • If you are, please try to stop doing do immediately.   You’ll be glad you did!
  • What types of career fears should you look out for? (Look for 4 common Career Fears in tomorrow’s post).

What are the Guiding Career Affirmations of a Christian?

  • I am a Believer and have a forward-seeking Vision to propel me to Victory (Faith and Vision)
  • I have a written Career Plan in hand (Planning)
  • I will diligently act to implement my Action Plan (Diligence)
  • I am able to tell a few talent-revealing Stories (Effective Communications through Storytelling)

I firmly believe that our Real Boss (God) wants those who walk with him to live life more abundantly.   Don’t you?   So, dare to be a fear-starving, faith-feeding worker!

  • What does such a worker do?   In a nutshell, they strive to practice the following five habits:

i. Think, plan, and act like the Focused Champion you are.
ii. Activate your Faith everyday.
iii. Acknowledge Him.
iv.  Acknowledge your fears (as opposed to denying them).
v. Starve your fears; never feed your fears instead of your faith.

  • Four common fears that need to be starve with all your heart will be explored in tomorrow’s Part 2 post.

God’s wants you to be ‘more than a conqueror’.   Grace, mercy, and peace to you.

 Greg Silverthorne

(to be continued)

Photo credit:  Dave King/flickr (CC)




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