Song for my Father composer, Horace Silver, dies

Last Wednesday morning Jazz Pianist Horace Silver (1928 – 2014) passed away at the age of 85.

His “Song for My Father” was one of my favorites when I programmed jazz (WBRU-FM, Providence RI) in the early 80s; it still is!    My great musical love, before Gospel, was jazz; my father got me into jazz when I was in high school.

  • My biological father was also, by the way, the person who sparked my current relationship with my Heavenly father (a great story I’ll share one of these days).
  • One of 66 Assurance Way’s six Pinterest boards bears the name of Silver’s classic song; the Song for My Father (Gospel) board, however, is referring to our father in Heaven! (board)

Two versions of that song, which Curt’s Jazz Cafe thankfully shared on Sunday – on the occasion of Father’s Day . . . just 3 days before Horace Silver died at his home in New Rochelle NY.   The album video and a live video . . . of a jazz classic:



“Without a doubt “Song for My Father” is the most well-known composition and performance of Horace Silver’s illustrious career . . . First, in the famous studio version and then in an excellent [second] live take from 1968, when Silver’s working group included Billy Cobham, Bill Hardman and Bennie Maupin.”

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