Which Wins: The God in You or the Giant in You?

The David and Goliath story is a well-known Bible story.    A lone man takes down a large, towering Giant.   However, in order for David to slay the Giant he physically faced, he had to first avoid another giant.   I’ve observed that it’s often the more elusive internal giants, that people mentally harbor, which mess them up.

  • In 1 Samuel 17, David’s fruitful battle with Goliath is depicted.   With five smooth stones at his disposal,  he successfully takes on the giant.   However, in that he harbored no mental fear of the giant, he wasn’t in an all-too-common 2-giant situation.
  • Just 13 chapters later, in the 30th chapter of the same book, we’re reminded of David’s proven ability to ‘encourage himself in the Lord.’   Clearly, without faith and courage, 1,000 stones wouldn’t be sufficient.   The ‘God in him’ won!

The Way, The TruthYour ‘Internal Giants’: Acknowledge them too

If you are faced with a problem, be aware of any and all ‘internal giants’ which may be preventing you from resolving it.    It’s not uncommon, in one’s focus on slaying a big giant, to not look inward.

  • Those who lack wholehearted faith in the Lord, to fight their toughest battles, have an internal giant. 
  • Those who feel that they’re weak, even when they’re quite strong, have an internal giant in them.  

Whatever the giant within a person, it often prevents them from dealing with, or slaying, the giants which arise around them.    Has your mind ever blocked you from properly handling a touch situation?

Grace, mercy, and Peace to you.

Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way


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