Prayers: 4 Types


  • While ‘Thank You’ prayers to God aren’t done frequently enough (by many Christians), ‘I Need’ prayers are far more common.    My Pastor did a sermon on this topic that I still remember well.
  • While some praise God in advance in their prayers, some only do so after the blessing.
  • Some complain to Him in their prayers.  Do you?   Some thoughts on this type of prayer are provided below.

Are Prayers to ‘Complain’ Proper? (from Levi’s Daily Thoughts)

“J. I. Packer defines “complaint” in prayer as “a kind of speech that blends lamentation (raging, glooming and despairing over what is bad, frustrating and hurtful) with supplication (begging and pleading that someone will do something about it)” (Praying 190).

But is it ever permissible to “complain” to God in prayer?    Or should the believer gird up his loins, grit his teeth, and keep his mouth shut?    More than permissible, it is often essential”. 

  • Check out Levi’s intriguing thoughts (post) to learn about ‘complaint prayers’.


Photo Credit: Jerry Worster / Flickr – CC


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