Look No Further

When He’s your ‘Lighthouse’, When you ‘walk in the Light’, You need Look No Further! Letting the Lord’s Lighthouse, holy light, bring you through tough stuff is one of the many ‘benefits’ of being a child of God.   Thanks Christine!   Looking no further like you, Greg S.



Look no further, child of Mine
though your friends may turn away,
You can trust My love divine
I’ll be there at the end of the day;
just as I was in the morning light,

when you saw the clear blue skies,
when around you things looked bright
and it was easy to arise.
Even in the twilight hour
when the changing scenes unfold,
My love is like a lasting flower,
never can My love grow old.
Every moment that passes by,

thoughts of you are on My mind.
My love for you is the reason why
I gave My Son so you would find
peace, contentment, joy divine –

light to guide you on your way
Look no further, child of Mine
these blessings can be yours today.


Copyright 2014   Christine Mitchell
All Rights Reserved

from  my new book of inspirational poetry “Forever Grateful” 

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