Chanel Performs “Believe” (Gospel) w. a Marching Band!


“If you believe it,You will receive it.

Our God can do anything if you believe“.

  • Chanel Performs “Believe” (Gospel) – with SCSU Marching 101 Band . . .  South Carolina State Univ.
  • God’s music in a way that’s hard not to love (smile)!    Anointed and special.

Grace, mercy, and peace.

Greg Silverthorne


1 thought on “Chanel Performs “Believe” (Gospel) w. a Marching Band!

  1. Reblogged this on 66 Assurance Way and commented:

    It’s March Madness time. For the Upcoming Holy Week: Christian Gladness? The NCAA events reminded me of this unique video . . . Gospel (Chanel) with a Marching Band! –> “If you believe it, You will receive it. Our God can do anything if you believe“ <– Yes He CAN! Have a Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow. As Jesus said to his Disciples Easter Sunday after he Rose again: "Peace be with you". Greg


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