S.E.A. a Good Pastor Lately? (3 Pillars)

  1. Spiritually-steadfast Shepherd
  2. Empathetic, Empowered Edifier 
  3. Anointed Agent of the Almighty

  • An assessment of a Pastor, on all three (3) of these ‘Pastor Pillars’, separates the Good, the Bad, and the Great ones.   

  • Kingdom building requires Good and Great Pastors & Ministers.   See recent post (My Story: A Great Pastor I Know) for a full explanation of each Pillar.   My Pastor, Rev. Dr. James A. Webster, a great Pastor, is celebrating 30 years at my church this weekend; he inspired me to create these 3 Pillars of Pastor Effectiveness.

PastorAndFirstLadyWebster_606 Apr. 25 12.35Pastor and First Lady Webster, Oak Ridge First Baptist Church (NC)

  • Put another way, the following three questions address the critical issues in assessing a Pastor:
  1. Who wants a spiritually-wobbly Shepherd wannabe?  (Spiritually-steadfast Shepherd)
  2. Who wants a mean, unempowered man who isn’t capable of informing and inspiring his flock to be Christian disciples?  (Empathetic, Empowered Edifier)
  3. Who wants a Pastor who is an unanointed man with a shaky relationship with the Lord?  (Anointed Agent of the Almighty)

I Am the Way

Greg Silverthorne



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