Daryl Coley w. Tri-City Singers // When Sunday Comes (Gospel)

Verse 1:
When Sunday comes,
my trouble gone,
as soon as it gets here,
I’ll have a new song.
When Sunday comes,
I won’t have to cry no more,
Jesus will soothe my troubled mind,
all of my heartaches,
every burden, all of my misery, all of my crying,
every trial, every tribulation,
will be left behind . . .
When Sunday comes.


Just to behold His face, His saving grace.
Oh yes, I’ve got to see Jesus for me,
when Sunday comes,
when Sunday comes.


  • Recorded by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers featuring Daryl Coley.
  • Written by Donald Lawrence (First verse and Chorus provided above).

Greg Silverthorne


One thought on “Daryl Coley w. Tri-City Singers // When Sunday Comes (Gospel)

  1. “You see on Friday they took him & they stretched him high (Oh Sunday) and stretched him wide (Oh Sunday). And all day Saturday there was no activity, they thought Jesus really had died (Oh Sunday) . . .
    On Sunday morning, there came a shaking, there came a rocking and a rolling (Oh Sunday) . . . They wouldn’t let anyone come to the grave, but I heard something going on on the inside (Oh Sunday). . .
    ‘I’m going out of here with all power in my hands’ (Oh Sunday). When Sunday comes . . .”
    > Daryl Coley (Oct. 30, 1955 – March 15, 2016)


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