When Sunday Came, He Rose! (Jesus)

  • “You see on Friday they took him & they stretched him high (Oh Sunday) and stretched him wide (Oh Sunday).   And all day Saturday there was no activity, they thought Jesus really had died (Oh Sunday) . . .
  • On Sunday morning, there came a shaking, there came a rocking and a rolling (Oh Sunday) . . . They wouldn’t let anyone come to the grave, but I heard something going on on the inside (Oh Sunday). . .
  • ‘I’m going out of here with all power in my hands’ (Oh Sunday).   When Sunday comes . . .”

Song: “When Sunday Comes” by Daryl Coley with Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers

A very gifted singer (Coley) backed by an awesome choir (Tri-City Singers) – singing a beautifully-worded (Lawrence) song.   The words to a portion of the song are above (beg. at 4:45 of video) . . . but it doesn’t do it justice; trust me (watch this video).   This kind of Gospel song, as delivered in this video, exalts God – and drives the Devil crazy (smile)!

  • Happy Easter from 66 Assurance Way.

Greg Silverthorne



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