Dwelling in the Lord: 80 years?

3 Crosses_JerryWorster_Flickr

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.  Before the mountains were brought forth , or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.  

For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told.  The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. 

O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Psalm 90:1-2, 9-10,14 (KJV)

  • Today being my Mom’s 80th birthday, this scripture came to mind.  She surely didn’t get to be eighty by being weak & unfaithful!

Greg Silverthorne

 Photo Credit: Jerry Worster / Flickr – CC



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