66 Assurance Way: 6 months & Counting

John14I started this blog exactly six months ago today.   Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

I thank all who follow 66 Assurance Way, who’ve liked some of the posts I’ve written, and/or have commented on the posts on this blog.    Frankly, I wasn’t sure who would care what I had to say, but feel blessed that many do – and continue to visit this Spiritual Spot in the blogosphere.   I’m pleased, as well, with the wide range of people who visit and engage (in some way) with what the Spirit has moved me to post on a given day.

66AssuranceWay bloggerI launched this blog on the 5-year anniversary of my starting my Christian experience (my walk) with my current church – a mid-sized, Missionary Baptist church (Oak Ridge First Baptist) in the Greensboro NC area.    The church is 120 years old; my Pastor, a great man of God, will be celebrating his 30th anniversary next month by the way.

While I’m the proud product of the ‘black church experience’, I strive to when possible write and share things that are relevant to all Christians.  Guess what?  When it’s all over, for those of us who God graces with a ticket into Heaven, our race, church denomination, etc. isn’t going to matter.

If the months ahead are anything like the 6 months since I launched this blog (Sept. 21, 2013), I intend to be blogging for a while, God willing.   While I am not a theologian or a clergy member, I hope to keep sharing what the Lord puts on my heart.   

My involvement in several aspects of my Central NC church (e.g. Gospel Choir, Bible Study, educational ministry founder/leader), and my life experiences, shape how I see the world – and see the Kingdom of God.  Each of these three have given me a distinct perspective into spiritual encouragement, spiritual empowerment, faith-driven music, assurance, & Christian living. 

Again, I’m grateful for all who choose to visit this blog.   To God be the Glory.

Grace, mercy, and peace to you.

Greg Silverthorne



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