“Amazing” / Tiffany McGhee with Ricky Dillard (Gospel)

  • As I listened and watched this Gospel video, it was so distinctly powerful.  As I researched the God-exalting song I discovered why.  Tiffany McGhee, the anointed woman who is leading the song, WROTE it too!

  • It’s her own TESTIMONY to her Lord and Shepherd. Wow! Very impressive. So amazing, so amazing.

* * *

Amazing // Ricky Dillard and New G

Tiffany McGhee, Lead Singer/Songwriter

  • Verse 1

You’re amazing (You’re amazing)

You’re amazing (You’re amazing)

You’re amazing (You’re amazing)

So Amazing (So Amazing)


You Cause the Sun, the stars and Moon to shine,

I’m So Glad You’re Mine, Oh I’m Glad to say you’re mine.

  • Verse 2

We Stand (We Stand)

In Awe Of You (In Awe of You)

So Amazed (Amazed)

At the things you do (At the things You do)

You’re Holy (You’re Holy)

and Worthy is the Lamb (Worthy is the lamb)

Who was Slain (Who was slain) For Me (For Me)


  • Vamp 1

No one Compares to you,  No one compares to you,

No one compares to you.

Leader: You’re Amazing (Choir: You’re Amazing)

You’re Amazing (You’re Amazing)


  • Vamp 2

Leader [ad libs] (You’re Amazing)

Repeat (As directed to end)


13 thoughts on ““Amazing” / Tiffany McGhee with Ricky Dillard (Gospel)

  1. Indeed our God is soooo AMAZING!
    My spirit is lifted up as I listen to this powerful song. God bless you Ricky, Tiffany and the instrumentalist.


    • This is still my favorite Gospel song of 2014! I am glad it lifts your spirits . . . as much as it lifts mine. As you know, ‘no compares’ to Him. He’s amazing, he’s amazing! Be blessed, Greg.


  2. As of today (3/26/15), this amazing Gospel song has been on the Billboard Gospel chart for 61 weeks! Five more weeks and it will hit 66, one week for each book in the Holy Bible! Talk about amazing staying power. Today, ten days before Easter 2015, “Amazing” still sits at #4 spot. It peaked at #1 spot during it’s 14 months (so far) on the Billboard gospel charts. Greg S.


  3. Words can not express how this awesome woman of Go blesses me with the annointed lyrics if this songs!! I am immediately brought to a prostrate position if worship before The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! It was imperative that I saw what she looked like only to put a face to this awesome voice and song. I am so grateful and full of tears because our OD us so Magnificent in all of His ways!! I pray that she has future CD’s of her own!! God bless and much love!!

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  4. Hello Everyone!

    God is so good and Yes! he is amazing. I Love the Lord!
    Thank you for a beautiful song. It touches the heart and soul. Sis. Tiffany sings it with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. When I sing it I want God to fill me up with his Spirit that I too may touch the hearts of the people who listen that they will give their lives to God.

    BE Bless BY The Almighty God!

    Jesus Love!


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