Anchoring – A Lord-listening Technique

A Georgia bookkeeper profiled last weekend engages in a spiritual practice, learned from her Pastor, called Anchoring.

Faith, Hope, AssuranceWhat does this practice (one that allowed Antoinette Tuff to calmly communicate and deal with an agitated, gun-toting man) involve?

As noted in a Feburary 24, 2014 CNN article, “it’s the spiritual practice [Tuff] incorporated into her life that she says helped her during the [August 2013 elementary school] standoff.

She goes to sleep every night with an audiobook of the Bible playing softly by her bed to instill a sense of peace.   At 5 each morning she listens to gospel songs, talks out loud to God and reads the Bible.   She ends her anchoring practice by sitting in silence for 15 minutes, waiting to hear God.

“Trust me, sitting for 15 minutes isn’t as easy as it sounds,” she says in [her new book].  “I could sit and watch a TV show for an hour, but listening for the Lord for 15 minutes was a challenge.    I had to work on it.   I had to practice.”

Tuff wasn’t just a receptionist when the gunman entered the office.   She was like a finely tuned spiritual athlete.   She was ready.”


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