The Comfort Zone of a Christian

Often God leads us to do new things that put us out of our Comfort Zone.  

  • If you forget whose you are and lose your Christian Courage, you’ll likely resist leaving that Zone.    If you’re encouraged in the Lord, however, you’ll leave the Zone willingly.    
  • Be like David (1 Samuel 17); be like Peter (Matthew 14).   
  • Be like Noah (Genesis 6:9-14): ‘God, you want me to build a what?  God: An Ark.   Noah: OK, you know what’s best.
  • While we are given gifts to use fully, not squander foolishly, there are also situations where the Lord WILL guide you to take a leap of faith – doing unfamiliar things.    Keep this in mind: He doesn’t always call the qualified, but he does qualifies those who he calls!
  • The Way, The TruthIf you’re a spiritually-empowered walker, if you love the Lord, you’ll be ‘called according to His purpose’ (Romans 8:28) – and you’ll respond favorably and courageously to His call.

Greg Silverthorne

66 Assurance Way


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