Christian Assurance: 9 Pillars to Live By

While I introduced the Pillars last week, today a Series Faith, Hope, Assurancedescribing those Christian Assurance Pillars begins.   Why today?   Today marks the 4-month anniversary of this blog!   

While the Nine Pillars for Your Christian Assurance, debuted in January 15th post (on MLK’s birthday), are ordered in line with the word Assurance (A-S-S-U-R-A-N-C-E), I feel that they are best described using a conceptual Blueprint – which I provide below.    

  • God assures, man insures.

9 Pillars for Your Christian Assurance

Acknowledge, Abide, and be Assured (1st)

Sovereign Waymaker and Merciful Shepherd (2nd)

Spiritually-Empowered Walker (Empowerment) (3rd)

Use your Bible Effectually (4th)

Right, Righteous Path (5th)

Abundant, Perfectly Peaceful Life (6th)

No Weapon Will Prosper Protection (7th)

Christian Courage (8th)

Exceedingly-Encouraged Attitude (9th)

Christian Assurance Blueprint

Folks, it’s not about us it’s about Jesus!    Therefore, the embracing of God’s as a Sovereign Waymaker and Merciful Shepherd (2nd Pillar) is where I feel the journey of Assurance for a Christian truly begins.   To enjoy such assurance, WHO must one trust?    The Almighty.   He’s Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Merciful, and All-knowing.

The next group of Assurance Pillars reflect two big benefits of being an abiding, God-trusting man or woman, namely:

  • Enjoying an Abundant, Perfectly Peaceful Life (6th Pillar).
  • Being divinely shielded with ‘No Weapon Will Prosper’ Protection (7th Pillar)

Put another way, faithful Christians routinely receive many Good Things and avoid many Bad Things.   Kingdom ‘membership has it’s privileges’!   However, you’ve got to ‘pay your dues’, right?

The third and final group of Assurance Pillars are, in essence, the dues. They are the guiding principles which you, I, and all Kingdom-seeking Christians are expected to live by.    God wants us to be faithful every day of the week; he isn’t pleased with ‘Cafeteria Christians’ – who choose when they are and aren’t going to fulfill the will of God.

Summary for these Pillars:

Acknowledging and Abiding in the Lord (1st Pillar)

  • Be assured he’ll never leave you; only the unabiding fall.
  • Know that, if you trust in Him, he will make your paths straight.

Choosing the Right Path for your walk (5th Pillar)

  • Walking on the path of righteousness.   Believing that Christ is ‘the Way’.
  • Shunning paths that aren’t God-pleasing.

Using your Bibles effectually (4th Pillar)

  • Be a regular Bible Study participant.
  • The Bible shouldn’t be a seldom-used, dust-gathering book. Read, study, and apply it.

Displaying Christian Courage in the face of Giants, Lions, and Life’s inevitable Storms (8th Pillar)

  • Be an ‘untimid’, strong Christian. God has given you a spirit of power, not of fear. Know that God’s got your back!
  • Be concerned, not worried, when you encounter life’s ‘lions’.

Growing to be a Spiritually-empowered Walker (3rd Pillar)

  • Live faithfully, pray effectually, and praise continually.
  • Your walk is revealed in your everyday actions, not just your worship. ‘Walk by faith, not by sight’.

Having an Exceedingly-encouraged Attitude (9th Pillar)

  • Allows you to avoid ‘fainting’ during long walks.
  • This mindset also allows you to successfully ‘tell your storms’ to cease. You have a storm-stopping Helper!

In tomorrow’s Series’ post, I will describe and illustrate the 2nd Pillar: Sovereign Waymaker and Merciful Shepherd.    The other Pillars will be individually highlighted in daily posts to follow; see Schedule below.   I welcome your comments and feedback.   Be blessed.

Series Schedule – Christian Assurance Pillars

  • Sovereign Waymaker and Merciful Shepherd (2nd)

  • Abundant, Perfectly Peaceful Life (6th)

  • No Weapon Will Prosper Protection (7th)

  • Acknowledge, Abide, and be Assured (1st)

  • Right, Righteous Path (5th)

  • Use your Bible Effectually (4th)

  • Christian Courage (8th)

  • Spiritually-Empowered Walker (Empowerment) (3rd)

  • Exceedingly-Encouraged Attitude (9th)

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you.

Greg Silverthorne


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