Nine Pillars of Your Christian Assurance

By Greg Silverthorne

Hello.   The vision for these 9 assurance-boosting, Christian living pillars first took root last Summer –  months before I launched this blog.    Each Pillar is, by design, based in Biblical scripture.    I hope they help you achieve the abundance and ‘perfect peace’ available to all God’s children! The Way, The Truth

God assures, man insures.

My Pastor communicated this in a Sunday morning sermon several years ago.   It has lingered deep in my mind to this day!     Who knew a seed had been sown?    This blog, 66 Assurance Way, and the pillars I’m sharing, for the first time today, flow from the concept of Assurance for Faithful Christians.

  • I’ll provide the nine (9) Pillars in this post today.
  • On the 4-month anniversary of this blog (January 21st), next Tuesday, I’ll begin a daily series.   The series will describe and demonstrate the role which each Pillar plays in the lives of faithful Christians.
  • A page which highlights the Biblical scripture underlying each Pillar will be launched as well later this month.
  • Pinterest: A new Board, for the pillars I’ve set forth, will be launched this month.

9 Pillars of Your Christian Assurance

Acknowledge, Abide, and be Assured

Sovereign Waymaker and Merciful Shepherd

Spiritually-Empowered Walker (Empowerment)

Use your Bible Effectually

Right, Righteous Path

Abundant, Perfectly Peaceful Life

No Weapon Will Prosper Protection

Christian Courage

Exceedingly-Encouraged Attitude

Greg Silverthorne, 66 Assurance Way


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