Hear the ‘Loud Whisper’ (Testimony)

I Am the WayThis Christian testimony is one I will never forget!   Neither will you.  Trust me. I thank The Whispers for sharing the unforgettable story . . .  of the 15 years it took to get their Thankful gospel release recorded.   Known for non-spiritual music, the market for songs with a spiritual message just wasn’t there for them.

Blogger’s note: The video included in this post originally has been blocked by YouTube, so I removed it from this post; the great interview of The Whispers was the basis of this post.

  • Besides talking of Thankful (2009), which gathered dust for a long time, they share their thankfulness for the way God had worked in their personal lives.   They tell of their own testimonies in this video.   The Lord has healing powers that are on FULL display in this awesome segment.  He’s a healer, yes he is.
  • I love Anthony Brown’s 2013 contemporary Gospel song “Testimony“; this interview of The Whispers is a wonderful ‘bookend’ to Brown’s song.
  • Check out my earlier post on The Whispers’ “For Thou Art With Me song.   The 23rd Psalm never sounded so good!

I thank Fred Hammond for being the person that the Lord used to allow 6 spiritual songs to finally be shared and heard! I salute Kingdom Records (of Chicago) for knowing a very very good thing when they saw it.   I salute the Praise the Lord show for broadcasting this compelling story.   5 gifted African-American men of God, well known for singing soulful R&B, exalting the Lord musically with gospel. I thank God that he has given us men like these five singers.  They surely demonstrate the assurances faithful, God-fearing Christians enjoy.

  • Hear the loud whisper from this lightly-viewed YouTube video; while viewed by less than 2,000 (as of today), the extraordinary example it reflects is surely cause for Praise!
  • I enjoy witnessing the testimonies of others.  I, and most of you, have our own testimonies.   However, there’s a special joy in witnessing how others have been blessed by God too.  Our spiritual growth is, in part, based in witnessing others & personal blessings received.

To God be the Glory!

Greg Silverthorne


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