As A Man

As a man Believeth, so he receives and endures.    Willfully acknowledge God’s profound protection and divine direction.

As a conquering man Thinketh, so he achieves and triumphs.    More than any single Tool or Tactic, he who has a More-than-a-conqueror Attitude (Thinking) shall be a Triumphant Victor.Sunset with Cross

As a diligent man Sows, so he shall Reap abundant harvests.    Knoweth what you truly Control and Influence.   Act with confidence.

As a Godly man Prays, so he stays in touch with the Lord.   Remember, ‘the effectual, fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much.’

As a prudent man Plans, so he stands tall and walks to Victory.    Accidental or Crawling Champions aren’t destined to thrive.   Be a Called Champion, fervently believing this: Great expectations are the soil from which great achievements blossom.

by Greg Silverthorne


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