Are You ‘Walking in the Spirit’?

Scripture tells (James 1: 22-24 NIV) us:

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.    Do what it says.

Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

This scripture captures what I feel is the highest level of spiritual growth.

I covered Walking in the Spirit, and the three lower levels of spiritual growth, in a recent post.

What is my purpose?What does achieving this level of growth in your spirituality involve?

  • Those who reach it, and can remain there, walk by faith.

What other qualities and traits characterize the most spiritually-mature Christians?

  • They are doers of God’s word, not just hearers of his word.
  • They strive to embody the traits of Jesus Christ in all aspects of their life.
  • Those who reach this stage see the way, go the way, and fully grasp the greatness of God – whose voice they hear well.
  • They shun the ‘sight walking’ they used to do; they shun sin.
  • They worship, praise, and pray regularly; they read and study the Bible – and live it’s scriptures.

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