How would Jesus Lead?

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers”. ~ Colin Powell

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision.   You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”  ~ Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

As I noted a few weeks ago, I will touch on Career and Work Life issues occasionally.   As I read a post by Ron Edmondson this afternoon, this question came to mind.

  • K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple servants (of God) – If David could say what needed to be said in Psalm 23 in 119 words (less than 600 characters in the King James Version), a meaningful response -to the question posed in the title- doesn’t always need to be a lengthy megapost.
  • As the Powell quote suggests, making things simple is a valuable leadership skill.   As Christians, the ‘trumpet we sound’ when leading should reflect a value-driven vision that puts our Lord in a good light – and a smile on His face.

The four tips below are among the twelve which Ron Edmondson offers in a great recent post.   They’re fine food for thought.    I offer 4 below – with my own thoughts.   Check out his post for all twelve (12) suggestions – for those who hold leadership roles.

Sometimes the strongest thing to do is to turn the other cheek.   Sometimes it’s to stand your ground.

  • Your Christian values should be your guide here.   Let God guide.   You’ll know the way to go, even if the going isn’t always easy (smile).

The best opportunities seldom come wrapped neatly in a package with a bow on top. They usually come with [get your hands dirty] work.

  • Leaders and managers, who come to work in a white Tuxedo, are going to refrain from engaging in the occasional tough and tumble of some companies & organizations.  Change your ‘attire’ . . . or plan for some high dry cleaning bills!  Never forget your faith – i.e. who your ‘Real Boss’ is.   So, as Ron suggests, are you ready to ‘get your hands dirty’?

Part of leadership is the willingness to make hard decisions no one else on the team wants to make.

  • Make the decisions needed.  However, some of the toughest ones may be made easier if you simply follow your Christian compass.   Even in the secular management positions some of you currently hold, actions based in your Christian values could make you the best Decision Maker in the whole company!   Faith in the workplace isn’t, in my opinion, about quoting scripture and wearing a big cross around your neck.   You have to strive to ‘walk the walk’ instead.   The results will not disappoint you, your boss, or the Lord.   Actions and deeds speak louder than words.

Don’t stop doing the right thing even when the wrong thing is receiving more celebration.    That party won’t last.

  • Party with the Lord instead.   God’s glory will give you a special joy a worldly celebration never can!    Even better . . . when some of your wrong-doing, values-challenged Peers are wondering why they were turned away from Heaven’s gates, you’ll be ‘up yonder’ (God willing) enjoying your eternal salvation.   Your ‘work well done’ will be rewarded.   Your party with the Lord will last.

Faith in the Workplace (All workers)

When you go to work, your faith and Christian values shouldn’t be locked away in your car in the parking lot!  No matter how high or low you are in your employer’s Organizational Chart, all Christians should strive to be God-abiding 7-24-365 – not just at home and 2 hours on Sunday.

  • Thanks Ron for sharing your 12 leadership points on your blog; I will be tweeting a few soon.  They thankfully inspired me to write this post today.
  • Are you a manager at your place of employment?   If you are, these twelve ‘leadership axioms’ (4 of which I’ve highlighted above) and 2 quotes may help you be more successfully in your work life.  Good luck on being MORE than a conqueror.

Grace, mercy, & peace to you.John14

Greg Silverthorne


One thought on “How would Jesus Lead?

  1. Reblogged this on 66 Assurance Way and commented:

    A post I wrote, in early months of this blog, seemed a good way to relaunch the Your Next Triumph worklife series. If you are a Manager, your Faith offers a foundation for being an effectual one I feel. Want to be ‘more-than-a-conqueror’, not mediocre as you manage? Christ offers a good road map to do so.


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